Hi, I’m Heather Davis

To the left is my cute little family! I like these guys! :) I’m an always on the go mom and wife who is usually multi-tasking with at least 2-3 different projects or ideas at a time! I’m passionate about home decorating, anything creative, and of course...love photography.

I’m a people person inside and out. At my full time job (working at an internet marketing agency), we took a personality test called the DISC test...and I am 100% PARROT! This description is a perfect fit for me:

Parrots (I’s)

Just like their real-life counterparts, office parrots are easy to spot. They typically are bursting with vitality, the center of attention, or motivating the team with high energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps most of all, they want to have a good time and typically boost morale when times are tough.

Office parrots have highly developed interpersonal skills. The ability to read other people, combined with their verbal adeptness, make them highly persuasive. Just like the aviary parrot who can speak the language of any animal in the forest, office parrots seem to naturally and effortlessly adapt to the person or the situation. This enables them to easily build a large network of collaborative relationships within an organization.

Office parrots thrive in environments where they can bring new ideas to life. Their ability to brainstorm and vocalize their thoughts drives the creative engine that sparks innovation. Their talent to work on many projects at once gives office parrots the energy boost to get things done.

One of the biggest misconceptions about office parrots is that they are not as “hard working” as other styles. More casual, cheerful parrots just have a knack for making hard work look like something fun to do!



“Heather is great to work with! She is unique in that she is wonderful in making the light and surroundings work in the best way possible to put the best focus on the object of the picture. In my case, it was my son for his senior pictures. I am in love with all of them!”