Hi! I’m Heather...

For as long as I can remember...I’ve had a camera in my hand.

I have always found great joy in capturing a moment and being able to look back on it in the form of a photo. I find photography to be truly the most important piece of technology. It connects us to the past like nothing else ever could.

Quick personal story-

Growing up, I never knew my birth father. I was told I was the result of a one night stand with a man unknown. I never had a name or anything to search for. For years, that missing piece to my life’s puzzle loomed over me. Who was he...where was he? If only I had a picture of him......that would be enough. Fast forward to this last year. I’m 33 years old and thanks to Ancestry DNA, Google and Facebook...I FOUND MY FATHER! Unfortunately he passed away back in 1996, but I was able to find that I had a half sister. Upon connecting with her...SHE HAD THAT PICTURE I SO LONGED FOR. My connection to the missing piece in my life. My father...a handsome red haired naval officer in Vietnam. I look just like him! Those photos mean the world to me...they bridged a gap that I would otherwise never have. How incredible that I was able to find something so important through this beautiful piece of technology...light, chemicals and paper froze my father in that moment of time and saved it for over 60 years so that I could see how absolutely amazing he was.

Photography is my life’s passion. I am an EMOTIONAL person! When I’m shooting a wedding, and I’m watching my groom see his bride come down that isle...you know I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. When I see a little child running around a field as I’m chasing them with my camera...you know I have a giant smile plastered on my face. When I am capturing the breathtaking beauty of a Mama who has this beautiful miracle growing inside of her...I am basking in the beauty of that moment that those two are sharing together. Connections matter to me. I love to learn each and every one of my client’s stories. I love learning about their joys, their sorrows, their families, their experiences. It helps me to be able to bring out my subject’s true self, make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and just be in the moment.

I’m so happy you’ve chosen to learn about me and I can’t wait to learn about you!!

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“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”